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September 19, 2017

KOTUS Seal of Approval

September 10, 2017

Kids Have Rights Too!

July 3, 2017

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URGENT! Save Our Wildlife!

March 6, 2017

You can help save these babies!


Hello KOTUS (Kids of the United States)!


This week, our senators are going to vote on a bill that is very bad for American Wildlife.


It is called HJ 69 and it will allow hunters to shoot animals from planes, to gas wolf babies in their dens and to kill hibernating bears in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. A refuge is a safe place. This bill will make this place very unsafe. We are not against hunting but this is not hunting: This is murder. 


 If you think wildlife deserves to have a home as much as we do, tell your senators. Here is a link to a website that lists all the senators for all the states, their phone numbers and their addresses: 


Call them and write to them. It's okay to tell them this bill scares you. 


Send some letters with pictures to the president. At all of his addresses. Here they are: 


Donald J Trump

The White House 

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington DC 20500


Donald J Trump


1100 S. Ocean Blvd

Palm Beach, FL 33480


Donald J Trump

Trump Tower

721 Fifth Avenue, Penthouse

New York, NY 10022



Here is a sample of what you can write or say on the phone:


Hello,  my name is ________ and I live in _______.  I am ____ years old and  HJ 69 scares me because it is a bill that will make it legal for humans to kill baby wolves and shoot animals from planes and that's not fair to them or to us, The Kids of the United States. You have children and grandchildren. Save our country for us, the children.


Have your say!

Do it right away.

You can save the day.

The voice of KOTUS is mighty!


If you write a letter, draw a picture. Pictures are powerful. 


Check this space for other things you can do to save the US Environment.

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