So you’ve printed out your official KOTUS Postcard. Now what do you write? There’s not a lot of room but that is not a problem! You can say everything you need to in  just a few lines. Here are some ideas to get you started. Add whatever you want to say and don’t forget to draw pictures.


Idea #1:

Please don’t cut back car emission standards.

We all need clean air to breathe!


Idea #2:

Climate change is real and we can do something to stop it.

Cut back CO2 emissions!


Idea #3:

No more fossil fuels! No more coal!

Make the US a solar power super power!


Idea #4:

It’s not fair to shoot animals from planes or to kill them while

they’re sleeping. Bears and wolves are earthlings too


Idea #5:

The earth is our only home planet!

We must do everything we can to protect it!



No matter what you decide to write or who you decide to write to, please make this the last line of your postcard:


We are the Kids of the United States and we deserve a clean and safe future.


Then sign your first name, put your age, add the name and address of the person you’re writing to, slap on a stamp and mail it!

Postcard Writing Ideas

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